About Open China Gateway (OCG)

Open China Gateway’s management team has been operating in the Far East for many decades.

  • During this time but particularly since the turn of the century China has exposed how it has developed its own technologies, industries and corporations.
  • A few of the larger companies are beginning to establish their own global identities and brand’s but most (the emerging generation) are largely unheard of outside China.
  • These emerging businesses are eager to play in the global market and are seeking European business partners. OCG has a rich network of contacts, relationships and the knowledge to broker Pan European and Chinese business agreements.

The next generation of Chinese companies are hungry to adopt European products into their own offerings and this presents direct selling or licencing opportunities for European companies to enter the Chinese market.

  • OCG has enabled European and Chinese businesses to engage in bi-directional commercially successful business in electronic displays, 3D-graphics and high-speed communications.
  • These products have been utilised in white goods, point-of-sale and consumer applications.

Open China Gateway works to reduce the risks of operating in a very different and distinct language and business culture that can be a barrier to success.